inb4track review by Carpeaux

Carpeaux was nice enough to write a review of Scary Poppins in his inb4track music blog. One section I found particularly accurate was this:

“The singing is halfway between more ethereal schools of folk (Tim Buckley and such) and psychedelic (the tracks as a whole wander between these two poles), being the most important contributor to an eerie feel that is on the musical background, but gains much by being boosted by the singing. There is serious musical and recording technique effort to make the tracks sound this eerie though and, when you get the hang of it, this might be the most interesting aspect of this album: checking out the chord progressions, melodies, playing styles and ornamental musical ideas, as well as the effects and techniques applied, with the objective of making it sound eerie and ominous.”

You can read the whole review at:


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