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I recently remixed and remastered ‘Scary Poppins’ and I decided to make the new versions available as a reissue. It will also include a previously unavailable alternate version of ‘Scapegoat’. All the tracks are available as free downloads (at 320 kbps) on Soundcloud.


Some previously unavailable songs from my forthcoming album “Advice To The Wayfarer” are now free to download on Soundcloud. The first, titled Everafter has been likened to David Bowie (surprise surprise), Peter Hammill and Benjamin Britten. I’m told that it sounds like a combination of operatic folk, art rock, contemporary classical and baroque pop. Genres remain a mystery to me so I can’t really comment on that.

The most recent song I’ve uploaded is called Private Playground. It is allegedly a combination of Mod revival, soul, British beat, power pop, freakbeat, psych folk, britpop and Mod R&B. I’ve been informed that it’s reminiscent of The Who, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, the Beatles and Pink Floyd. It’s quite unlike anything I’ve written before due to it’s noticeably upbeat nature.