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I uploaded a new song to Soundcloud and so far it’s been compared to David Bowie, Queensrÿche & Uriah Heep. I can’t say I’m influenced by any of them as I haven’t heard much of their music. I’ve been making an effort to listen to Bowie more recently though… just to understand the comparisons really.


Delarue from the New York Music Daily reviewed a few of my songs recently. Scapegoat was described as a “swirly, creepy 6/8 anthem, psychedelic 60s gone noir cabaret with 80s goth production: watery guitars, icy keys and vintage Bowie-esque vocals”. The analysis of Berserkergang was “quavery/whispery goth vocals over reverberating Radiohead-style electric piano”. I also enjoyed the part which read: “Out to Sea is basically Michael Hurley’s Werewolf redone as late 70s Bowie; the real stunner on the page is Malice, an absolutely evil chromatic piano anthem, like Blonde Redhead at the top of their creepy mid-90s game.”

What a review! You can read the whole thing here: