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Instead of declaring just 1 winner of the genre competition I chose 5. They were Alan Lee for ‘Apocalyptic Folk’, Summer Lopez for ‘The Aquarian Movement’, Klaus Kappes for ‘Minorchordial Seashine Wave’, Matt Drone-Garden for ‘Ectoplasmic Resonance’ & Nigel J Kibble for ‘Progadelic’. Last week I mailed signed copies of ‘Scary Poppins’ to the US, UK, Germany and Sydney.

Since announcing the winners a couple of other genre suggestions have been made on the Facebook page wall. Two I really like are Melancholy Fusion Rock and Psycho-creepycool-demented-thunder-muffin.

It’s difficult to accurately describe the music made by any band or artist. I’d like to commend those people who suggested a genre or multiple genres. Thank you all. 🙂