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When I tell people I’m a songwriter they invariably ask “what style of music do you play?”. As I answer this question so regularly and I only have quite elusive and somewhat contradictory labels to reference (such as psychedelic folk noir, post-rock, neoclassical and darkwave), I decided to pose the genre classification question to my fans. So far, genres submitted to describe my music include:
1. Apocalyptic Folk
2. Aquarian Rock
3. Brainmelt Fusion
4. Neofolk
5. Ectoplasmic Resonance
6. Glum Rock
7. Minorchordial Seashine Wave

I’m quite impressed with the effort people have gone to with these suggestions.

Another description of my music was posted online courtesy of IndieGuild: “Far from the mainstream, “The Mad Pride” gives his take on life in experimental, acoustic neofolk style”.

I found a definition online which seemed to encompass Apocalyptic Folk, Neofolk and Folk Noir:
“Apocalyptic folk (Neo folk, Uber folk, Folk noir ) is a term and phrase employed to describe a genre of folk-music which deals with dark themes of decay, decline, and/or destruction of Western civilizations foundations. This genre of music often, but not always has a underlying social philosophy. Other terms for Apocalyptic-Folk that have been applied to this genre of music are Folk-Noir, Uber-folk, and Neo-Folk.”