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I recently received a message stating that it was ‘unethical’ to make my music free to download as it ‘undermines the value of music’. I responded to that message like this:

Hi Doug,

thanks for your message. If I only sold my music instead of giving it away for free then I’d be excluding poorer members of the community. I don’t see them as less valid listeners because of their socio-economic status. The agenda of my music is to create awareness about Neurodiversity. There is a stigma which is associated with ‘mental illness’ which results in those people being isolated from society and in some cases ostracised from the work force. As a result they end up poorer and unable to buy music. It would seem hypocritical of me to exclude the members of the community who my music is directly aimed at helping.

It would be nice if music was valued the way it should be. I just think there are bigger issues worth addressing such as war, poverty and environmental degradation. There is a cultural battle going on and by making my music free I hope to disseminate my message more widely. The lyrics in my song ‘history books’ are a good example.

I hope this message finds you well.

Take care,