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Here’s an interview I did with Diane Green, an internet radio host & spiritual medium from Kingston upon Hull in the UK. The show covers my background and the inspiration behind my music.


Two of my songs were featured on The Minstral Show‘s The Evolution of Progressive Music. There’s some incredible music there by Rick Miller, Dark Beauty, Josh Garrels Music and even a Pink Floyd cover by Jen Gloeckner.

John Basso kindly featured my song Scapegoat in his Tunecast Podcast. It’s nice to be compared to Danny Elfman‘s Tim Burton film soundtracks again.

A big thanks to King Minion for including another song of mine on his King Minion Music Podcast. Also featured was great music by Starling, Elizabeth Geyer, Sven Fredheim & Emily Davis and the Open Road.

Russell Auty has continued to show stellar support for my music in another episode of the Bonzo International Music Show.

The folks over at Crunch Radio have been playing my music on their station which is based in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania.

Lawrence Atkinson also included my music on his show on Radio Northern Beaches in Sydney.

Peter Renzullo featured my song Underground in his Close to Nowhere broadcast alongside great music by Hot English, Minute 36 & Youth Sounds Music among others.

Jody from Castle Rock with Goldie Trapp was nice enough to play my music on Radio Sherborne on Sunday April 8th. Her show is on at 10pm (Sherborne UK time) which is 7am Monday here in Australia in case you feel like tuning in.

Martin at radiorockuk kindly added my song Scapegoat to their playlist.

Robert Galgano has been continuing to play my music on All Over The Place Radio.

Mr Atavist featured my song Malice in his Sunrise Ocean Bender radio show. Luckily he records his shows and posts them online as podcasts too. That particular episode is called “They’ll soon forget the field in which you lie”. You can find it at:

I went over to his wordpress blog and subsequently stumbled onto a review he wrote of my album ‘Scary Poppins’. Here’s a couple of highlights:

“Touches of the fragile detachment of Radiohead and a spectrum of dramatic emotion all take up residence under an ominous sky.”

“Galagher drives the narrative with a deep fret in his voice that has quiver and allure that reminds me of Chris Connelly, working his own ruminations on outings like Largo or under the guise of The Bells. Of course that leads right to Bowie, who also comes to mind from the vocals to some of the dramatic flare.”

You can read the whole review at:

My song Out To Sea was featured in the ArenaCast podcast where it was described as “total weirdness in a good way”. ArenaCast is a weekly podcast that broadcasts music from the R&R World network. You can hear the show and see who else was played here:

They also interviewed me and asked why I chose the name ‘The Mad Pride’ and what ‘Out To Sea‘ was about. You can read all about it here:

A big thanks to Renee from Aztalan Turf Podcast for including one of my songs in her “It’s Electropunk” show. There’s lots of great music in there by Jordan Reyne, Vernian Process and The Dreaming among others. You can find it here:

Renee also compares some previously unavailable alternate mixes of Nirvana songs by Butch Vig. I’d have to agree with her that Butch’s more bass-heavy mixes were a pleasure to hear.