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I recently remixed and remastered ‘Scary Poppins’ and I decided to make the new versions available as a reissue. It will also include a previously unavailable alternate version of ‘Scapegoat’. All the tracks are available as free downloads (at 320 kbps) on Soundcloud.


Shipwreck is the 5th track on Advice To The Wayfarer. It has been described as acid rock, neo-psychedelia, jazz fusion and space rock.

Voir Un Ami Pleurer is the 14th track on Advice To The Wayfarer. It was written by Jacques Brel and recorded in 1977. The song is in French and the title translates to ‘Watching a friend cry’.

Plastic Bars is the 13th track on Advice To The Wayfarer. It is the oldest song from the album as it was written in 2000. It was played live by my first band Generic between 2001 and 2004.

Intermission Nightmare is the 7th track on Advice To The Wayfarer. It was originally written in 2010 but excluded from the album Scary Poppins as it seemed too creepy. Until 2013 it was instrumental and contained no electric guitar, percussion or bass.

Scapegoat – Alternate is a different version of the song Scapegoat which became track 1 on Scary Poppins (2010). In the New York Music Daily, Delarue described the final version as “a swirly, creepy 6/8 anthem, psychedelic 60s gone noir cabaret with 80s goth production: watery guitars, icy keys and vintage Bowie-esque vocals.”

The wonderfully entertaining presenters behind Captain SIB‘s psychedelic freakout prodcast have kindly featured my song ‘Scapegoat’ in their show. It’s an incredible experience if you have the time…. the podcast that is. If you’re into psychedelia then it’s probably your thing. It’s great to think that my music is finding a place as far away as Scotland. You can find the podcast at