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Lee Lucas recently wrote reviews for my first 2 albums. His support on Soundcloud and wonderful comments have been a regular source of encouragement for me. I’d never really considered my music to be ‘prog’ but it was great to be described as ‘acoustic prog folk bliss’. You can read the full reviews at:

You can also hear his music on Soundcloud at:


Barrie Moore recently reviewed my music on his Bearly Rambling blog. I particularly enjoyed the part where he wrote:
“The Mad Pride (or Rowan Galagher) is almost a one man Pink Floyd.”

Andy from Mojophenia wrote some very kind words about my music describing it as:
“Inspiring and thought provoking psychedelia”.

Mr Atavist featured my song Malice in his Sunrise Ocean Bender radio show. Luckily he records his shows and posts them online as podcasts too. That particular episode is called “They’ll soon forget the field in which you lie”. You can find it at:

I went over to his wordpress blog and subsequently stumbled onto a review he wrote of my album ‘Scary Poppins’. Here’s a couple of highlights:

“Touches of the fragile detachment of Radiohead and a spectrum of dramatic emotion all take up residence under an ominous sky.”

“Galagher drives the narrative with a deep fret in his voice that has quiver and allure that reminds me of Chris Connelly, working his own ruminations on outings like Largo or under the guise of The Bells. Of course that leads right to Bowie, who also comes to mind from the vocals to some of the dramatic flare.”

You can read the whole review at:

Tim from the Indie Bands Blog wrote a review of my music recently. Here are a couple of highlights:

“A vocal which in some ways reminds me of David Bowie adds a lustre to the brooding presence that emanates from the speakers. There is no hurry here, this is music to spend some thoughtful moments with, when life seems a little messy. The pathos superbly combines the bathos of mental disturbance.”

“Whilst Rowan seeks to encapsulate and create an aural exposition of complex emotional strains and as such plays around with classical composition structures, he doesn’t make this inaccessible and that isn’t very easy to achieve.”

You can read the whole review here:

Delarue from the New York Music Daily reviewed a few of my songs recently. Scapegoat was described as a “swirly, creepy 6/8 anthem, psychedelic 60s gone noir cabaret with 80s goth production: watery guitars, icy keys and vintage Bowie-esque vocals”. The analysis of Berserkergang was “quavery/whispery goth vocals over reverberating Radiohead-style electric piano”. I also enjoyed the part which read: “Out to Sea is basically Michael Hurley’s Werewolf redone as late 70s Bowie; the real stunner on the page is Malice, an absolutely evil chromatic piano anthem, like Blonde Redhead at the top of their creepy mid-90s game.”

What a review! You can read the whole thing here:

There have been a number of bloggers and radio presenters who have been nice enough to feature or review my music in their Music Blogs and radio shows:

Magnus Reimer wrote about The Mad Pride in his The Music Quack blog. He stated that “Musical influences can be heard from David Bowie, Erik Satie and perhaps some classic Sisters of Mercy, but really none of those names can define him.” Isn’t that nice!

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, David Marskell featured Scary Poppins in his The Indie Machine music blog. He also has an online radio show on Fusion Radio and Indie Love Radio.

Kat Mahina referred to my music as “outsider music with a startling honesty and grace” in her ‘Hot Men Look Hotter In Skinny Jeans’ blog.

Arran Reader posted about my music in his Polar Sunspots music blog saying “this is some seriously great music, and hard to pin down without giving it a listen”.

Russell Auty included my music in his Bonzo Record Show. He started by showcasing music from the Milton Keynes area in the UK but he recently expanded his brief to include international Indie Rock, Alternative Rock and Folk bands/artists as well.

There are also some radio stations who have been supporting my music such as XChamberRadio, Radio Globus, Party 934 Now, Backyard Party RadioRussian Gothic Radio.